Cell Phone Negative Effects On Relationships

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phones being a negative effect in a relationship

Cell phones are having a negative impact on relationships, childrens, and travel experince. We constantly carry our phones with us everywhere we go. We take it to the bathroom, bedroom, outdoors, and it sits by our desk at work. Our phone has become our safety net, we feel without it, we are lost. “Studies suggest that cell phones can distract our attention from the present moment. And that 's a problem, considering the results of the Mobile Mindset Study, a recent survey that found three out of five U.S. smartphone users don 't go more than an hour without checking their gadgets.” (www.cnn.com) Yes, smart phones are very useful but can be harmful in a relationship in devious ways,
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It sucks when you are out at a nice restaurant with your partner and the person is on the cell phone checking who liked a photo or whom is texting them. That makes me feel like I’m being ignored and they don 't really care to be on the date but rather be with whom is on the other end of that phone. Cell phones are killing the face-to-face interactions when ever you are in person with someone. “35 percent claim their partner will pull out their phone mid-conversation if they receive a notification and 25 percent said their partner actively texts other people during the couple’s face-to-face conversations.” (www.dailymail.com) In fact, some people talk more about their relationships on Facebook, Instagram, or tweeter than they do face-to-face with the person they’re actually in a relationship with. Face-to-face time should be a time where phones are put away. That time is where you can express yourself with your partner and you are connecting without gadgets in the way. People are also starting to take there cell phones to bed with them. Making any kind of intimacy very difficult. Once you go into bed, usually, it’s time to scroll through your newsfeed, check your emails one last time or maybe get in one last cell phone …show more content…
by us having our phones in our faces, we are less likely to enjoy and miss out on exciting and unexpected moments. Yes, its ok to take a picture here and there but not for the phone to consume all your time, instead of enjoying whats around you. Being constantly on the phone, you miss out in having real conversation with people you come across. “Despite hundreds of apps promising to combine “travel” and “social,” smartphones and tablets are largely responsible for making us less social when we travel, by keeping us distracted by our devices.” (nomadicmatt.com) We also lose our spontaneity because we are so focus on the blue dot to show us where to go. Getting lost sometimes can be scary but also can lead you to a fascinating place that you never knew. We should try to be more open minded and go out in the world and have an adventure without the

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