Celebrity Culture and Mass Marketing Essay

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Dissertation Proposal
“Celebrity Culture and Mass Marketing”
A proposed study on the effects of celebrity culture on consumer perception and behaviour; and how this is affecting the marketing techniques being used by UK businesses

Contents Background 5 My Proposal 5 Literature review 5 Methodology 8 Limitations 9 Application 10 References 12 Appendix 13 Appendix A- Performa 13

Celebrity culture has been around for many years, however throughout the last ten years, due to varying circumstance, it has become much more prominent on the marketing scene. As a young female, I myself can recognise certain situations in which I have fallen victim to celebrity advertising. It was found that in 2007 25% of
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A study carried out by Spears et al (2013) used an exploratory approach to examine the relationship between hero and celebrity by reviewing key dimensions of the celebrity/hero debate: shallowness, flawed celebrity/hero, and narrowness of appeal. The collective findings of two studies suggested that attitudes toward celebrities in ads are most strongly influenced by attitude toward advertising in general and least by flawed celebrity/hero. The findings also indicate that the more shallow celebrities are perceived to be and the more narrow their appeal, the more negative response consumers had their presence in ads. A study carried out by Tantiseneepong (2012) utilised the use of projective techniques as a method of observing and understanding consumers’ reactions to celebrity-endorsed perfumes. The findings of the study suggested that celebrity endorsers may have a significant impact on the perceived target market for a product, highlighting their potential role in repositioning a brand. However it was also found that the role of personal liking is critical and it was highlighted in the study that this is ignored in current celebrity endorser models. In order to gain a wider breadth of knowledge on this topic, I also looked a study taken from a different perspective. Ding et al (2011) conducted a study to research the value of celebrity endorsements from a

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