Causes Of Poor Communication In The Construction Industry

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In the construction industry, communication is very important as it determines the success of projects. Thus, there are several mistakes that lead to poor communication in this industry that oftenly happens such as lack specificity, lack of focus on desirable behaviors, lack of directness, lack of immediacy, lack of appropriate tone, lack of focused attention and lack of respectful rebuttals.

According to Weisman (2011), lack of specificity is not giving ambiguous and details of information especially project’s information. As an example, project leaders are unable to be specific in giving instructions to their employees. However, they always complain that they need to ask for reports and others from the employees that they already give tasks
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There are three scenarios that cause of the lack of focus on desirable behaviors. Things grows when focus goes from others focus on energy on the behaviour which is undesirable. Other scenario can happen from the first cause of poor communication which is lack of specificity. For instance, when the project leader asks one of the workers on “what not to do”, it should be specifically what are the things that the worker should not do. Thus, the worker need to do trial and error to understand the leader’s instruction. The problem that happen to cause the lack of focus on desirable behaviours, the leader always have the wrong perspective on not giving comment if the worker do the task correctly. They just think on correcting undesirable behavior and only focus on the undesirable problems to be commented and …show more content…
Typically, most of the project managers will overlooked on the bad behaviour problems as they think it will solve by themselves or the bad behavior’s individual will realizes his mistakes. It is effectiveness communication in this construction field, as it might cause project failure. If someone do not change the bad attitude, and no one is helping he/she to realize the mistake it will forever make mistakes because human learns from mistakes.

Lack of appropriate tone may cause to ineffectiveness communication. There are a few components that should be focused by the project managers in order to have effective communication with the project team such as word, tone and body language. Mainly, it will focus on the tone as tone gives a great effect to the second party. The meaning of the words given will be clearly understand and show the firmness of the words. According to the statistics, tone gives 38% of the message’s meaning following the body language. Tone also show the emotion’s meaning of the words have been

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