Causes Of Over Eating Essay

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Causes of Over Eating
I have never met anyone that has a bigger appetite than my friends Byn, John, and Thad. If food is around, odds are you will see them there. They always say they don’t have a problem with eating, but it’s been like this for a while now. I’m starting to get worried about what they are becoming and how they are treating their body. After many tries they never take my advice on eating healthy and working out on the regular. Whenever we hang out I notice different things about each of them. Besides the fact they are getting bigger, they are getting weak mentally. They all eat the same things, but they all have different effects which causes them to gravitate towards food. First, my great friend, Byn eats more than your average 18 year old boy. Byn is always the one who wants to go out to eat every day, even when he doesn’t have any money. It all started when his mom died, that’s when I noticed the change. Byn would cut class to go to stay at home. He would also never hang with us, until one day the
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Thad and I have been friends since we were five. One day Thad had a girlfriend and she was cool when they started dating, but she was a handful by their third month. She would make him spend all his hard earned money. She talked bad to him all the time. Thad would always feel bad about himself. Thad would tell me about how much he would always be stressed over how he can make her happy. Then one day she broke up with him and that 's when it got worse. He started eating just like Byn and John. I asked him why he was being so foolish. He said “I see Byn and John always eating and we are with them a lot, so I figured that I might as well. It just makes me feel like more of myself.” I told him that there was going to be other girls out there for him. He didn’t have to eat his pain away. We took out the time that day just to get everyone together and we all figured out that food is not the way to

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