What Is Eating Disorder?

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Amber is that kind of girl who gets along with everyone and has many friends. She always seems happy, but when lunch time comes, she tries very hard to avoid the cafeteria. Amber spends every lunch period in the library finishing homework. Her friends want to eat with her and ask why she won’t eat. So why doesn’t Amber go to lunch? What’s wrong with her? Amber has an eating disorder called Anorexia Nervosa. Her mind tells her she doesn’t need food, she has a distorted vision of her body. Some people would say that Amber just wants attention, but an eating disorder should be treated as a mental disorder. Through advancements in medical technology and research, one can now see how an eating disorder is directly linked to a mental disorder.
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The genetic inheritance of eating disorders does not come directly from one genes, but the association between multiple genes, each having their small influence, they can be non-inherent genetic factors as well. There is strong evidence that points to children living in a family with someone that has an eating disorder is prone to have one themselves. Eating disorders can be a psychological factor such as, perfectionism, obsessive compulsive disorder, low self-esteem, and a negative outlook on things. Specific personality traits can be interchangeable between each eating disorder, therefore it can be difficult to know the differences between the psychological causes from the effects. Socio-cultural factors also play a role in the building of an eating disorder. Socio- cultural influences play more of a role to the women who take to heart the look of ‘beauty’ and the culturally perceived image of the perfect body and in men that see the ideal muscular body pressed by …show more content…
Even though an eating disorder can cause many health problems, they can be prevented, treated, and recovered from. An individual suffering from any sort of disordered eating is in major trouble and needs to receive help as soon as possible, sufferers need support both physically and emotionally. Recovery is a hard time for everyone and no one will recover right away, remember relapse is normal. With these three main eating disorders- Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating- causing many problems across the world, there needs to be more help to educate about preventions and treatments. Many people with eating disorders don’t know they have a problem, which can cause more troubles with dual diagnosis later on in the disorder. Those people who say that Amber just wants attention need to be educated about eating disorders. If they understood what she goes through, then they may be able to

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