Causes Of Obesity And Its Effects On People 's Lives Essay

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Healthiness is something a lot of people clearly lack in their daily lives. One in every three kids and adolescence are either obese or overweight. That means the obesity rate has increased nearly three times as much since the year 1963. There are numerous causes as to why obesity occurs and how it can negatively affect and impact people’s lives. Many people are not even aware of what obesity even is. Obesity is a build-up of surplus weight and fat due to a person consuming more calories than they put out. Our bodies apply the energy from calories to remain alive and for exercise. There is a difference between the words “obese” and “overweight” Overweight means to have a lot of body weight compared to tallness. Those who are referred to as overweight have the possibility of not possessing excess fat. Obesity is when a person has excess amounts of body fat when compared to healthy body mass. (Abramovitz 14-15) Statistics have shown that obesity has become a major issue not fully addressed in today’s world. A report done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that from the year 1980 to 2012, the count of obese children from 6-11 years of age in the United States of America grew 7%. Meanwhile, a larger increase took place in the percentage of obese young adults who were 12-19 years of age which increased from 5% to almost 21% in the same time period (Day 9). Countless people do not even know the definition of a healthy diet. Both the U.S. Department of…

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