Causes And Solutions Of Global Warming


What is meant by global warming? Global warming is the process that causes the earth's climate to get higher and makes the earth warmer. The temperature of the earth is increasing since 1950 until now. However the global warming is caused by natural events and by human beings. In this research I will state the causes, the effects and the solutions of the global warming.

Causes of global warming:

Global warming is one of the biggest world issues that we are facing. The surface of the earth temperature is getting higher and higher, and the climate has changed in various life forms on the earth. The issue that causes global warming is divided into two categories; natural causes and human impact.
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The reason why global warming occurs is, because of the rotation of the sun that continually changes the density of the sunlight. Another cause of global warming is greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide it trap the solar heat rays and prevent it from escaping from the surface of the earth. And according to (Lallanila, 2017) these greenhouse gases will make the earth's temperature increase. One more cause is volcanic eruption; for sure it will cause global warming. When the volcano erupts it will release a huge amount of carbon dioxide and ashes to the atmosphere. Whenever the carbon dioxide increases the earth will get warmer and the greenhouse gases will trap the radiations in the earth. Finally, methane. Methane is another issue that causes global warming. Methane is more effective than carbon dioxide in trapping the heat in the atmosphere by twenty times. Methane gas can be released by many things for example, landfill, petroleum systems, industrial waste process, coal …show more content…
Industrial revolution has been using fossil fuel for powerful machines. Everything we use nowadays is involved in fossil fuel. For example, when we buy a computer, the process of making this computer involve machines, and these machines uses fossil fuel to work, due to releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Besides industrial, transportation such as cars, trains, boats, planes...etc. According to (Nuccitelli, 2013). these machines release huge amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One more issue is mining, during the process; the methane will be trapped below the earth. Also rearing cattle will produce methane, because cattle produce manure. Another issue is deforestation, and it is a common issue. Human cut trees to produce wood, paper, build houses and more. If the humans continue cutting trees, carbon dioxide will cover the atmosphere, and because of trees, all the exceed carbon dioxide will be absorbed by them. Regardless of deforestation, we also release carbon dioxide when we breathe. If the humans continued cutting trees and off course breathing, a large amount of carbon dioxide will stay at the

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