Causes And Effect Of Obesity Essay

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There are multiple possible causes for obesity in a person such as lack of energy, over eating, no motivation or simply not caring about what happens to your weight and health. The effect of obesity is possible damage to your heart and bones due to the stress of the increased weight as well as a higher blood pressure and a faster heartbeat than average during exercise due to having to pump more blood to keep the body working at its best while exercising. The added weight can also cause the person to become tired more frequently as they need to save more energy for their actions.
The pressure that the higher weight puts on the heart causes a person to become less active because of the added strain that is put on the heart and body over time as the body of the person is adjusting to the weight. The stress that is placed on the bones due to the weight can lead to more joint damage due to having to carry the extra amount of weight as a burden. This can lead to a lot of stretching and cracking of the joints in the hand and feet constantly and can become very irritating. I know this due to my weight that my hand and feet feel like they are either constantly asleep or cracking whenever I wake up in the morning. The joints all over my body also seem to make a cracking or popping sound whenever I try to stretch or exercise in any way. This is why I believe that my weight has caused a large amount of stress on my heart and bones.
On the other hand I am rather lucky that my blood…

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