Essay on Cause Of The Civil War On The United States

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Cause Of Civil War
There have been many assumptions on what actually caused the Civil War in the United States in 1861. Some believe that the culture differences between the North and South caused the war. Others believe that it was political issues such as tariffs, election of president,or different political parties. Also, people believe that the reform movements during this time could have also caused the war, for example, the temperance movements, women’s rights, and abolition. However, no matter how many assumptions were made, the Westward expansion and further growth of the United States truly caused the Civil War. The first reason why the growth of the United States caused the Civil War was because it led to the sectional division of the North and South. The more the United States grew, the more different the North and South became, culturally and economically. For example, in document A it shows how much more the North was developing economically vs. the South. In the “Railroads 1860” map it shows how the North is industrially advanced by the amount of railroads built throughout it, while the South has almost less than half the amount of routes than the North has. Also, in document A, it provides another map, “Slavery Density and Cotton Production, 1860” which shows the percent of slaves in each area and the amount of bales of cotton produced. As shown, the new territories that were introduced to the South as slave states have the most areas that contain over 50%…

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