Cause-Effect of Gender Stereotypes Essay

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It was unheard of for women to do jobs and activities along side men up until the 90's and the turn of the century. Now we have woman fighting in our armed forces over seas, working on construction sites, and owning and operating businesses. The reason why I believe it has taken woman so long to do these jobs and activities, and society to accept it, is because the work back then was a lot harder than it is now, especially with the technology we have today. Plus there always had to be someone that would stay home to watch the kids, clean, and cook, and I believe it was something that woman just inherited and got used to over the years. Woman have been neglected and almost, if you will, shunned upon in the work force, in which leads me into …show more content…
There are more woman in college today finally than men. In an article by Western Kentucky University, Kelly Richardson explains the increase of woman in college. “Over the past 30 years, woman have started enrolling and graduating from colleges and universities in larger numbers than men.” and goes on to say that “by the time this year's college freshman are seniors, the ratio will be 60 percent woman to 40 percent men as apposed to 55 percent men to 45 percent woman.” The

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