Social Media Bias

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Today’s society has proven to have more than enough room for ignorance, and yet little for education. Racism, women’s rights, war: the list for issues that remain undiscussed within the younger generation goes on and on. One can not blame the younger generation for being unaware of the problems of the world. The older generation ignores these issues and refuses to educate those who are unable to learn due to the the lack of available platforms. Children grow up to become ignorant and uneducated due to the inaccessibility of forms of education. News stations are available online though they do tend to be biased. What this younger generation needs is a platform that will educate without bias, and that will get them involved without tearing them …show more content…
They believe that it alters the way this generation interacts with each other: “One consequence of social media is that today’s students are having a more difficult time with interpersonal communications” (Arnett). They also believe that social media restricts them from taking action in their communities because they are caught up in the digital world. The main purpose for the creation of social media was to socialize. These platforms on the internet allow people from around the world to communicate with each other instantly. The use of social media has increased a considerable amount over the years (see appendix A). This rise in social media has created an accessible way for relationships to form between people whether they may be romantic or platonic. Social media has also been used to inform individuals on the events going on across the world. Hundreds of years ago it took weeks even months to get news from another country. Nowadays world events are shared instantly. This instantaneous form of communication has provided a way to call for quick action. Social media users have organized rallies and protests through social media and they have informed each other about areas to stay away from. Recently the university of Missouri had a group of threatening individuals on campus that were specifically targeting black students. The students of this university informed each other about this dangerous group and were able to avoid them by staying indoors. Without this form of communication, many of these students would not have known about this dangerous situation and could have been hurt. Another argument that is made is that social media has a negative effect on the brains of its users : “shortened attention spans thanks to the nature of social media delivery” (Arnett). Users of the internet have used social media along with other platforms to further educate

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