Cause And Effect Essay On War On Terror

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War on Terror
The attacks of 9/11 left an effect in the American History and have changed the way how Americans live today. Never before such a terrible thing that happened to Americans that have eliminated many innocent lives. On the morning of September 11, 2001, nineteen terrorist extremists hijacked four commercial planes, the planes deviated from their original routes. Two of the planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York, one of the planes crashed into the Pentagon and the fourth plane crashed to either the White House or the Capitol. Three thousand civilian lives were lost that day. Today, not only America but also European Union countries became the target of terrorists. The terror tissue is the most challenging thing for all
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Unifying factor is a common good served by a cruelty waste of human life. The wars instigated may have led to better living conditions of the generations that came like in the French Revolution. Some have been cautious of a certain race that had murdered many people during the 9/11 as a mass murder were performed very specific group of race. The most common cause these destructions were cited in the history for a price of many innocent deaths. The human life lost in the process fails to justify the war. Failing to provide sufficient verification of the death of those innocent lives live Iraq and Afghanistan, the preventative war raged against the terrorists. The implications of of war on terror could be the bridge to despiting the Middle Eastern regions though the majority of people are innocent and are forced to live under a democratic government that have shaken the world. History has proved that as long as ideologies differ, intolerance reigns supreme and the innocent by-standers lose out. Revenge and hatred will lead an increase in wars and in return, many innocent lives will not be paid by any means. Avoid revenges, preventing for the worst event that might happen again in the future, and increasing security with the neighbor nations will prevent many complications and destruction by the act of terrorists everywhere. To avoid the unnecessary war could cause more painful memories to the humankind, all countries need to be alert of negative acts of terrorism and eliminate the impure thoughts of conquest the

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