Cause And Effect Essay On Osama Bin Laden

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Terrorizing countries across the world and killing innocent people is not the right course of action. Osama Bin Laden states that his main motive to terrorizes the United States is to take back what he believes was given to the Muslims in the Torah, Palestine. Osama Bin Laden lived in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Sudan, all of which are in the surrounding area of Palestine. Why attack the United States if palestine is right in your backyard? Attacking and terrorizing the United States and other countries did not help their cause for taking back palestine. The only thing Al Qaeda accomplished from these attacks was bringing the war to them in their countries and made the U.S rally together and retaliate in anger.
Osama Bin Laden’s many attempts to
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Many of these deaths came from the attacks of 9/11. On September 11, 2001, 19 Al Qaeda members carried out suicide attacks that would eventually become the biggest Terrorist attack on America ever. These 19 members hijacked four planes and executed attacks across the east coast. Two of the these planes were deliberately crashed into the two twin towers of the world trade center. The second plane was sent to crash into the pentagon in the country 's capital Washington D.C., and the fourth was sent to deliberately sent to crash into the White House or the Capitol Building, but was overtaken and crashed into the ground by passengers on board flight 93. These attacks were order for 2 reasons, to inspire Muslims to join the fight in taking back what they claim is theirs and to send a message to America that they were fed up with the troops stationed in the Middle East and wanted to punish the U.S. for aiding the Jews in taking Palestine. Although Bin Laden was hoping for this, he got the exact

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