Cause And Effect Essay On Drinking And Driving

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Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is something that is done daily by many people. There are many people that die in a year period from getting in accidents due to drinking and driving. Although the people that do it know it is wrong, they still do it anyway for whatever reason. Drinking and driving effects many people especially the families who lose loved ones in this situation. People need to wake up and realize that this is something that needs to be stopped. Drinking and driving is when an individual drives while under the influence of alcohol. It is also when a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle then your blood alcohol count is over the legal limit. Although the person may not have consumed much alcohol and it may not even be over the legal limit, but it still effects the way you drive. On an average, thirty people die per day in accidents due to drinking and driving. Being as people drive drunk every day, it is a blessing that the fatality rate is not greater than what it is. In 2013, 10,076 people passed away in drunk driving accidents. Out of those 10,076 people, 6,515 had a blood alcohol count of .08 or higher. Also out of that number, there were 200 children fourteen and under who passed away in these accidents. When
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Even though it should not be done, it is still done by many on a daily basis. It effects people severely and puts every person you come across on the road in danger. Many people die per year in accidents due to drinking and driving. Most of the time, the one who is drinking and driving, takes the lives of innocent people away and they get to keep their life. The individuals that do it know it is wrong but continue to do it because they alcohol that they consumed has affected their judgement. If everyone would wake up and realize how dangerous drinking and driving really is and put a stop to it, the world would be so much of a better

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