Essay on Case Study - the Australian Cladding Company

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Human Resource Management

Case Study:
The Australian Cladding Company

Question 1:
What are the immediate and underlying problems facing ACC?


In the case study, Jim Hackett (Jim) started the Australia Cladding Company (ACC) as the Managing Director in the year 1998, where new light weight and low cost house cladding product was created. From there, ACC grew rapidly and also supplied its products to other states and internationally. The products from ACC have gained popularity in major building projects, home buildings and extension work. ACC supplies and install the products to large building projects in Western Australia which had gained positive comeback in the
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It is also linked with another problem where there is a lack of training and career development, and the employees felt discontent within the workforce as they do not have enough professional development. When retaining employees, they tend to stay in the company and feel contented when they have experienced meaningful work, participate in issues that is related to the organization, have learning and improvement space, have a say in the organization and many more (Dieleman & Harnmeijer, 2006; Wagner, 2006).

Following on is the problem whereby there is a lack of equal opportunity, training on gender equality issues and company culture. A number of scholars have identified (Alvesson, 1998; Alvesson and due Billing, 1997; Hall, 1993; Leidner, 1991), that the job sector has relation to the gender domination (Samardzic & Taksa, 2011). When ACC first started, Jim hired all males as the management committee, and hence, this has created a male dominance company culture, and female workers felt uncomfortable with the way some men spoke to them. The newly employed female workers also felt unprepared to settle into the ‘boys club’ approach.

As seen in the case, the next problem identified is the weakness in HR planning, whereby the job design and work flow is not properly planned. To establish a more competitive company, employees play a

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