Case Study : ' Wando River Grill ' Essay

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Wando River Grill Case Study
Jennequia Brown
Columbia College Case Study
I. The Client
Richard Davidson is the owner of Wando River Grill (WRG), a new restaurant in Cainhoy, South Carolina.
II. Leadership Challenge
Davidson’s restaurant is experiencing high turnover and lowering costumer service. He has hired a consultant to help him assess why and what he can do to stabilize staffing and fast forward the growth of his restaurant.
III. Description of organization
Cainhoy is rural town on the outskirts of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The residents of this Wando River Grill has its grand opening in April 2016. This novice organization is owned by Richard Davidson, a wealthy lawyer who is diversified in several different industries. The high quality American food and mid to high range prices of the restaurant match the targeted guests of Cainhoy—residents of whom the majority are in the upper middle class.
The facility sits on the edge of a marina on the Wando River that is also owned by Davidson. Davidson’s goal for WRG is to bring high quality food to the local residents and create a family friendly casual dining experience with moderately priced food prices, a comprehensive bar, and an outside grill. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner to their guests on a menu that include a delectable She Crab Soup and custom high quality steaks and burgers. WRG also includes an elaborate event space on the second floor of the facility that overlooks the marina and the river…

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