Case Study : Tour The Facilities Of The Bermuda Electric Light Company

1517 Words May 7th, 2016 7 Pages
On March 29, 2016, I had the opportunity to tour the facilities of the Bermuda Electric Light Company, commonly known as BELCO. I chose this company because I was interested in seeing how marketing and advertising communications fits into the electrical and engineering business. I was met by Linda Smith, who is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations. Mrs. Smith works for BELCO’s parent company called the Ascendant Group. She is responsible for the marketing, communications and the overall promotion of the company locally and internationally. Mrs. Smith also determines the advertising and marketing for internal events and what gets spread out into the community. She told me that BELCO has built long term relationships with international engineering companies in countries like Germany, Switzerland and Scotland, and that maintaining these relationships is crucial.

Ascendant Group: The Ascendant Group Limited is a publicly traded investment company that is the parent company of BELCO, Bermuda Gas & Utility Company, and AG Holdings Limited. Mrs. Smith told me that she was responsible for all of these companies communications and marketing, but she is more involved with BELCO. She let me know that the mission of the Ascendant Group is to be Bermuda’s trusted provider of energy and infrastructure solutions. BELCO is the sole supplier of electricity in Bermuda, and they are dedicated to providing the island with reliable and sustainable electric power. She told me that…

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