Case Study : River Valley Agcredit Essay

884 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
River Valley AgCredit is known for their outstanding customer service skills and understanding the needs and wants of their clients. The organization has a very professional reputation and is a very successful organization designed to benefit their customers during their time of need. I am certain that my skills and mindset go hand in hand with the mission and vision of River Valley AgCredit and I would love the opportunity to grow my professional career with this organization. I grew up on a farm and was actively involved in the farming operation, I understand how unpredictable the farming season can be. I am thankful that there is an organization that is willing to take time and invest in a farmer’s vision and I realize River Valley AgCredit is essential in keeping the farming entities alive by offering financing for agriculture and rural living needs. My deep roots in the farming industry and rural living has made me aware that an organization needs to be able to lend a helping hand to help a customer’s dream come true and River Valley does just that. I would be a great asset to the organization because I have the same drive and passion to help others just like the organization was founded on. I connect to farms on a personal level who need a loan to help purchase more farm land, I connect with the individual who is trying to start a small lawn operation but has no funds to get started, and I connect with the farmer who wants to expand their farming operation by…

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