Case Study : Ritz Carlton Hotel Essay

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Over the years, many hotels from well-known brands to privately owned, have been developing numerously. However, there is one brand that most people will see the name and automatically know it is luxurious, charming and five-star quality, and this is The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. With 91 hotels worldwide in 30 different countries and territories ( its finest luxury experience continues to revolutionize. The company was first established by Cesar Ritz an entrepreneur born in Switzerland, opened his first hotel in 1898 in Paris known as “ The Paris Ritz”. After, he soon opened another hotel in London called “The Carlton Hotel”. In this era, Cesar Ritz was known as the “The King of Hoteliers and Hoteliers to Kings” this had developed his name into a word of class and elegance. ( Over the years, Albert Keller whom was an American businessman purchased the name “Ritz-Carlton” and opened the first Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston in 1927. This became history as it was the first hotel in the United States that redefined the luxury experience introducing private bathrooms for guests, formal dress attire for the staffs and exquisite gourmet cuisine. ( Finally, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company was formed in 1983 and began expanding about 70 luxury hotels worldwide and till this day continues to grow.

Mission Statement and Vision

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has their own unique “Gold Standards”. These Gold…

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