Case Study Petronas Code Of Conduct

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PETRONAS Gas Berhad (PGB or the Company) and its subsidiaries (Group) are encouraged to engage with high level of transparency, integrity and accountability. The CoBE is functioning as a guidelines for the level of people in the Petronas organization including the lower employees, top management and even the third parties those engaged with this Petronas business operations.
The CoBe playing a major role in bringing up the loyalty and cohesiveness among this Petronas employees in order to bring the company towards the road to success. The CoBE having the fully detailed policy and standards which should be followed by their employees and directors. This CoBE also being a good guidelines for the agents ,contractors, and sub-contractors and other
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Due to this matter the Petronas has set-up core principles in its Code of Conduct and business ethics (CoBE).Then the Petronas anti-bribery policy and anti-corruption policy are helping their employees to deal mannerly with improper solicitation, bribery issues and other unethical issues as well the corruptions that may occur in their business. This company also ensuring their directors whether the executive or non-executive directors to be adhere with this code of conduct and business ethics as the guide line for them in order to play their role wisely. Then,the Petronas also expecting from their joint-ventured company to adopt the similar policy and standards in their business operation to ensure the environment of the both entity is uniformed and secure from any bribery, corruption and unethical actions. The petronas also aiming that their agents, contractors and sub-contracts are following this anti-bribery and corruption policies when they are dealing with this Petronas company in order to prevent themselves from risks that might arising, in the case this parties are not alert and performing against this anti-bribery and corruption policies and …show more content…
i) The whole organization should adhere to all the rules and regulations, laws and also the Petronas policies and standards.
Shared Values
Shared values of this Petronas company is very important because they are the backbones for this company. In short we can say, without these shared values this company is unable to create a standard organization culture.

• Loyalty=The employees are requested to loyal to their company.
• Integrity- The employees are required to performing tasks with honesty and upright.
• Professionalism-Ensuring the staffs are always looking to enhance their skills and capabilities.
• Cohesiveness-This required the cooperation from whole organization for the success and foreseeable future of this company.
The environment of Petronas consists of internal and external factors. Normally there are problem when deal with both internal and external factors. Politic, economy, social, and technology are the external factor of environment. But, before the company deal with external factor, Petronas are also have the problem from its

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