Essay about Case Study : Oppositional Reading : Facebook

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Case Study in Oppositional Reading: Facebook For an audience in the mass media to contribute to the social construct of reality, they must have the ability to read, interpret, evaluate, and contribute to that mass media. The negotiation of the definition of the reality that exists is the social construct of reality (Crouteau and Hoynes, 2014). One of the new mass media opportunities is Facebook and one of the newer uses for this devise is by small business owners to reach out to their customers, constituents, and potentially new customers. Facebook allows the small business owner to tailor their communications to exactly what their business needs at even given time.
New mass media devices such as tablets and smartphones allow users to explore mass media on the Internet effectively twenty-four hours a day. Facebook and Twitter are two of the largest and most standard media selections for the distinct group of users known as small business owners (Jennifer Barry, 2014). Since Facebook became a social media powerhouse, their initial claim to fame is personal profiles and connecting with other individuals in social relationships (Jennifer Barry, 2014; Anne, n.d.). Small business owners had been missing out on untapped potential with the Facebook community but not leveraging their businesses; the initial step in this process is selecting a media platform that is understood and they business owner enjoys using (Jennifer Barry, 2014). Once small business owners realized…

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