Key Reasons For Using Facebook Cafe

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Facebook provides an incredible opportunity for dining establishments, such as Philadelphia’s Bar and Grille, to connect with their clientele. This is a social media outlet that is known for being a place where people go to catch up with friends, share photos, update statuses, and check-in to different locations.
Key reasons for using Facebook:
• Strengthens a restaurant’s online presence
• Gain potential consumers and develop relationships with existing customers o Ability to interact with customers and their friends
• Opportunities to talk to target audience
• Drives brand loyalty
There are many reasons a restaurant should create a Facebook account. To begin, creating a Facebook account will strengthen a restaurant’s online presence. Search engines,
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You can also include a brief description of the item or the item name as listed on the menu.
• Post a lot of photos of your food o The most shared posts on Facebook are images. Philadelphia’s Bar and Grille is in the business of good, and food is extremely visual.
• Encourage people to share your posts o Example, post a picture of a delicious food item with the statement “tag a friend that you would love to enjoy this meal with!”.
• Use exclusive offers o Give deals to consumers if they “like” or “share” your Facebook page.
♣ Example: Philadelphia’s Bar and Grille is offering 10% to all consumers that “like” our page by 5/11/16 ( a specific date).
• Geo target your ads o Facebook ads allow a business to niche market. For example, you can target your ads to be seen only by users in your particular geographic location.
• Have a well-balance mix of engagement posts and conversation posts o Engagement posts should be interesting to your followers, while conversation posts encourage them to take actions
♣ Good rule of thumb: 75% engagement and 25% conversation
• This is key to building a good brand

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