Case Study On Disruptive Student Behaviour

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This chapter explains the methods and procedures taken throughout the execution of this research. It includes information on the research questions, participants and sample for this study, research design, research instrument, the validity and reliability of the instrument, data collection and also data analysis.


This study addresses several specific research questions as follows:
1. What is primary teachers’ level of concern about various disruptive student behaviours in the classroom as measured by the Child Behaviour Survey?
2. What methods do primary teachers use most frequently when dealing with disruptive student behaviours in the classroom?

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The instrument used in this study is the short version of the questionnaire which was adapted from Jacquiline L. McCaskey. The researcher has chosen to use the Child Behaviour Survey as instrument because many other researchers have used it in their studies regarding the disruptive behaviours. It is valid and reliable questionnaire which the researcher need not make alteration. Prior to making adaptations to the Child Behaviour Survey and using the survey to collect data in this study, researcher sought and received permission to do so from Martin et al. 1999a (see Appendix A).The adapted version of the instrument is presented in Appendix …show more content…
The data collection was conducted individually as every teacher has their classes to attend; researcher managed to collect data while teachers back to staff room from classes. Researcher introduced him and the questionnaire to the teachers and gave specific instruction on how to answer the questionnaire. The questionnaire was then distributed to the teachers individually and collected after they have done. Researcher gave red pens to the teachers as a token of appreciation.


The data was collected from the population of 27 teachers and analysed using the Statistical Program for Social Science (SPSS) Version 22. Descriptive analysis was used to calculate its central tendency, which is the mean score and standard deviation for each item in the questionnaire.


The aim of the research is to examine teachers’ level of concern with disruptive students’ behaviour in public school. The reliability and validity of the instrument was confirmed as it was a questionnaire adapted from Jennifer Stephenson, Martin and Linfoot (1999). Collected data was analysed using SPSS to get an accurate

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