Case Study On Coca-Cola And Its Ethical Struggles

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Case Study on Coca-Cola and Its Ethical Struggles
Kristel Hughes
Harrison College Coca-Cola like most companies has not been with out ethical crisis. What has set this company a part from others is the company’s ability to identify their stakeholders, address the needs of these stakeholders, and continue to develop plans of actions to meet the needs of stakeholders. Coca-Cola’s organizational performance is based upon how the company is run and what ethical structure is in place. A company’s social responsibility should coincide with their organizational performance. If a company is not successful within themselves they cannot be successful within society. As a stakeholder one of the first areas I would assess is the culture
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Most information can be found in corporate documents or on company’s websites. A company’s mission and vision statement should compliment the product or services provided. For example, a company that produces and sells healthcare products would not endorse or support smoking. Other stakeholders may want tow assess the happiness of the employees who work for the company. Their compensation and benefits, in addition, to how diverse the workforce is. If a company has a very diverse ethical culture and the company is meeting the employee’s needs then you will most likely see a high employee moral. The safety record of the company can mean a lot when it comes to social responsibility. Also, the availability of information that is communicated and the quality of information given about the company has a big impact on trust. Stakeholders will also be interested in the customers of the company. How the customers are treated …show more content…
They have fought and continue to fight over the past decade, which shows their dedication to fixing the wrong things they have done in the past. On the environmental initiatives page of the Coca-Cola website, they list many environmental initiatives ranging from Driving Change: Coca-Cola Transforms Service Vans to Hybrid Vehicles to From Farm to Table: Sustainability in our Supply Chain. I believe this proves that they are fully invested in this area. Twenty years ago we were just starting to hear about companies being aware of the environment in which they exist. Today it is a major part of their

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