Personal Code Of Conduct Analysis

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The personal code of conduct is based on various factors like heredity, the living country and its legal and cultural system and of course the family and education. Furthermore we first adapt to a code of conduct unconsciously but subsequently it becomes a more conscious part of our behavior due to the influence of our social environment as well as our personal experiences. 2 Definition
A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the social norms and rules and responsibilities of, or proper practices for, an individual, party or organization. Related concepts include ethical, honor, moral codes and religious laws. A common code of conduct is written for employees of a company, which protects the business and informs the employees of the company's
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The document does not need to be complex or have elaborate policies, but the file needs a simple basis of what the company expects from each employee.
3 Code of Conduct
Due to the Turkish origin of the author her values and her view on proper behavior may differ a bit stronger. In the following Turkish values and attitudes plus the most important personal values of the author will be explained for her personal Code of Conduct.
3.1 Origin and its own Values
The author is raised by a Turkish mother and a Turkish father. Her parents came to Germany as children but they tried to keep the usual cultural behavior in their family. Turkish families teach their children first to respect the elders.
Turkish culture places great emphasis on respect, honor and pride. It is a society where “old fashioned” manners are still practiced. Last names are rarely used; instead, titles are applied to the first name as sign of respect or relationship.
Seniority is owed considerable respect in Turkey. Young people will pay visits to their elders on special holidays first, and will be actively concerned with their well-being. It is not unusual to see someone making a gesture such as
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The author thinks that being a good person means more than just doing things like helping for others. We have to accept and love ourselves first before we can put positive energy into the universe. This has a lot to do with self-acceptance.
The only way we can truly love others is to have confidence.
We also need to not try to be like somebody else. Being yourself helps to be a genuine person who can reflect positivity into the world. Staying true to ourselves helps us finding focus and understanding our core values and what we find important. Another mentioned point is bringing a positive attitude to every situation. Negativity only hurts us and others. If you are negative, it comes off in the way you treat others. Our thinking can influence the outcomes of our days.
The last significant virtue for the author is forgiveness. Forgiving someone can be a difficult task. But realizing that people are human beings and make mistakes helps to let go of negativity and to move on. Forgiving leads to avoiding resentments that can cause anger, bitterness, and turmoil. Forgiveness is

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