Case Study On AVN Footsteps

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AVN Footsteps is a third party manufacturing unit, producing cosmetics and pharmaceuticals goods for various marketing companies. It was established recently in 2012; by 3 partners. Right now, it is among the largest manufacturer of cosmetics in India, producing for over 100 big and small marketing companies. The company works according to the system setup by one of its partner Mr Anil Mittal. The manufacturing plant is looked over by its Plant Manager, Mr Sanjay Aggarwal. It manufactures hair care, personal care and body care products.


AVN Professionals come from varied localities and work together as a same unit to ensure that quality products being manufactured and supplied before the deadline. They carry great
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Mr Aggarwal is a big driving force in an industry having an experience of about 25 years in the same field.


AVN focuses on providing best quality possible as per the orders of Mr Mittal, as he believes in quality not quantity. Since the product manufactured is very sensitive, it needs a huge technology and an expert.
Second vision is to cope up with the market demands without exceeding the deadlines. The organization believes in building strong and healthy relationship with their clients for a long period of time to make an impact on the market.


AVN has a semi-automated manufacturing system; the R&D department gives the 'HOW TO PROCEED' data to the manufacturing system. The manufacturing system has 5boilers, 15 mixers and a large cooling unit, after the product is manufactured, it is send to the lab for testing of quality and pH , once the batch is passed, it is send to the filling department for filling purpose. Filling department fills the material and send it to the packing department via belts, there the good is sealed in cartons and send to storage unit and further it is dispatched to the desired client according to the
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It is a complete section at the centre of the industry connected to rest of the industry via belts and convers. The Company hires 5 Mechanical Eng. to run its Filling department and the filling department is directly controlled by the plant manager, Mr Aggarwal.

The product once manufactured in the manufacturing unit is send to lab for testing the quality, if the lab approves the quality and pH value for the product, the complete lot is send to the filling department through belts and filling of the product starts. Filling department of AVN has a very good rate nearly getting 300 tubes per machine per hour that sums up the rate to 9000 tubes per hour which looks as a very effective system able to fulfil every demand. The company has a tie up with HAV ENGENNERERS PVT. LTD. In Delhi, which provide technical help to AVN.?

AVN back themselves for delivery any quantity of goods to its client trusting their machines and system but due to some problem they always complete their deadlines but on the last moment. In the past experience of 2 years, the company claim to have violated the deadline only one time but admits that in many other cases, it could have been the case, which surprises the market and the client.

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