Case Study Of Walmart

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Task 1 Definition of marketing?
Marketing means to convert the wants in to needs by the marketing people. The activities of an organization connected with purchasing and offering an items or administration. The marketing process is having direct connection with communication and requirements and the actual goal of marketing is to expand the sales of the company’s product as well as the Company’s profit. In the terms of marketing, there are some of key points which are connected with the marketing such as target market, market segmentation and consumer behavior.
1 Product
2 Place
3 Price
4 Promotion Product – This includes the customer satisfaction and all its needs and demands. Moreover it also fulfil the demands of customers by competing
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They are also analyzing their standard time to time with the goal that they think about the position of the organization and standard. Walmart doing review, personal observation, case studies for collecting the information about the standard. When they found problem in Walmart system they immediately solve the problem as soon as possible. The Business of the Walmart is really going very well in all over the world. If Walmart wants to remain on top. They need to focus on customer complaints and give them a quick response. It will help the Walmart to give consumer loyalty and great experience to their customers and employees. Walmart is using Business Processing Reengineering for their organization. In Walmart where they need change they make change according to their system. Walmart always doing changes time to time. Like ‘Walmart increases the size of their paychecks, after listening to the parents Walmart also expanded its assortment of baby product and services’. (, …show more content…
Supporting the product is very important for every company because every company stand in the market with their good products and Walmart has great position with good products.

Quality Assurance
Walmart is big organisation and running successfully world wide with their good quality and reasonable price. Everyone counts quality of products and Walmart gives quality assurance on their products even on small products and big products. Company gives great quality of products and quality assurance so the customers come again.
To build good relationship with customers guarantee plays major role because now a days people spent money on expensive products and they need guarantee on products. Walmart gives 1 year 100% guarantee on their products which satisfied the customers and attract towards the Walmart.
Repair or Replacement policies
Some of the products can be replaced. It 's mention on the products which we buy from Walmart and most of them are repair free of cost under guarantee. Everything is written on the products if the product is damaged with water or broken by someone so it will be repaired but customer have to pay for that. If product got damaged while working and got any technical problem than it can be replaced or repair.

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