Case Study Of Veterans Benefits Administration

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• Specialized experience in a variety of Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) accounting systems; performing a wide range of finance duties according to the VA policies, regulations, directives and financial guidebooks.
• Regularly examine, certify and audit vouchers submitted for payments, and submit in Corporate WINRS in compliance with VA directives, regulations, policies and procedures for Regional Offices and FT. Harrison. (Previously for Anchorage, Hawaii and Reno from February 2015 through July 2015 due to VA realignment).
• Generate and authorize payments and other master records adjustments on the Benefits Deliver System (BDN) and Financial Accounting System (FAS) for Vocational Rehabilitation and Education (Ch.31) into Corporate
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Authorize adjustments and payments, which generate a check or debt to a Veteran.
• Examine and approve special payments such as automobile adaptive grants, subsequent adaptive modifications, and Revolving Funds Loan (RFL) for accuracy before submitting to authorized Veterans and vendors.
• Research in Financial Management Systems (FMS) that includes dates of completed payments, correct input of vendors and bank information for the payment made in Corporate WINRS; as well as, locating invoice numbers and payments already completed on inquiries from facility/counselors.
• Submit Vendor forms to the Financial Management Service (FMS), for approving small business through VA Finance Service Center (FSC) in Austin.
• Conducting specific annual internal audit/quality control reviews (Financial Management, MP4, and part 11, Ch. 4) as required and assigned in accordance with the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Financial Quality assurance reviews, VBA Systematic Analysis of Operations and Systematic Analysis of Operations for VBA Administrative/Support Services Activities. Analyzing all documents being reviewed for accuracy, timeliness and compliance with applicable VA regulations, policies and procedures, and separation of duties. Providing all detailed reports to management documenting findings, conclusions and

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