Beal Street Neighborhood Clinic Case Study

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HAP 392-2 Lina Gant 11/09/2015 Compensation Project
The Beal Street Neighborhood Clinic is an independent not-for-profit outpatient facility that serves the health care needs of a South Chicago community. With 32 full time and 2 part time employees Beal Street Neighborhood Clinic is funded by the government and has annual revenues of nearly $7.1 millions.
The CEO of the Beal Street Neighborhood Clinic expressed his concerns about the annual salary rate for the Office Manager’s position. With 14 years in the same position as an office manager, employee’s current annual rate is $56,100. The CEO retained our firm to ensure that the salary rate of the employee is based on the evaluation of the rates across the South Chicago area.
The current job description was
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8 mo.
Chicago Health Services Salary Survey 1.0158 1.02 1.0361 G11
(Effective 6/1/14) 0 mo 7 mo 8 mo
Chicago Metro Clinic Salary Survey 1.0063 1.027 1.02 1.0541 G18
(Effective 10/1/13) 3 mo 12 mo 8 mo POSITION RANGE for Office Manager:
Minimum 1st Quartile Midpoint 3rd Quartile Maximum
$45,840 $51,570 $57,300 $63,030 $68,760

Office Manager Salary Range
To assess the pay rate of the incumbent, the current salary was divided by the midpoint of the salary range that resulted in 89th percentile, which is below the market target. With 14 years in the current position, we recommend the CEO of the Beal Street Neighborhood Clinic to increase the salary to the midpoint of the position range of $57,300.
This Compensation Study helped us to identify the salary range for the Office Manager position. The current salary is under the market rate should help the CEO of the Beal Street Neighborhood Clinic to make an informed decision in regards to the incumbent’s salary rate.

We appreciate working with you and hope to do more business in the future.
Our fee for this project is a total of

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