Veterans Haven North Case Study

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Veterans Haven North (VHN) is a transitional housing agency that is run by New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. VHN is located in Glen Gardner a small town in Hunterdon County NJ. VHN is fairly isolated located up a curvy hilly road set back in the woods of Glen Gardner.
Glen Gardner is in a suburban area and the houses are fairly close together. The houses are nondescript, the majority appearing to be three or four bedroom homes of small to average size. This is subjective, as I am unable to estimate the square feet of the homes, because I lack the needed skills to do so. I can say with certainty that they are not mansions. The houses are well kept and as a norm are not in need of new paint, are not run down, nor are they brand new with perfectly cut lawns in the summer. Any swing sets would be in the back yards, but one can hardly see in the backyards of the majority of the houses from the street.
There is no main street in Glen Gardner; there is a post office, a hotdog stand, and random car shops on the highway that splits Glen Gardner. There is one traffic light in Glen Gardner that is located on the route 31. A person must travel out of town in order to get their basic needs met; food, clothing,
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The population of the veterans in VHN is more diverse than the Glen Gardner, though I am not sure the actual breakdown. The three veterans that I have spent any amount of time are all white, so based on race they fit in. That being said, the veterans are from areas that are very different than Glen Gardner. One veteran is from Irvington a small city, one is from Toms River a beach town, and one is from Camden County near Camden City. Irvington and Camden are densely populated and the population is predominantly African American. The three veterans I worked with were not employed and only one owns a

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