Case Study Of Pruvit Keto/OS

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Pruvit Keto//OS (Ketone Operating System) is the flagship product of multi-level-marketing company Pruvit. Pruvit Keto//OS was one of the first exogenous ketone supplements to be released, and remains highly popular, having sold 7 million servings in the past year.
VALUE: As Pruvit is an MLM company, Pruvit Keto//OS is more expensive than most other ketone supplements. One bottle containing 60 servings costs $382 – that’s $6.40 per serving. Considering Pruvit’s serving suggestions, a one-month supply costs around $520. Further, users have commented on the cost and efficiency of delivery, reporting the product took up to 6 weeks to arrive.
Score: 10/20
TASTE: Pruvit Keto//OS is available in two flavours: Keto//OS 2.1 Orange
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Score: 15/20
SPEED: Zhou Nutrition does not specify how long the supplement takes to kick-in, though we found its speed to be consistent with other supplements we tested.
Score: 14/20
INGREDIENTS: Keto-Drive is transparent about how much BHB it contains: 11.7 grams per serve. Unlike many other ketone products, Keto-Drive contains no carbs, no fat, no caffeine, and no sugar. While Keto-Drive only uses high-quality ingredients, it unfortunately does not contain MTCs.
Score: 16/20
DOSAGE: Zhou Nutrition says Keto-Drive can be consumed between meals, on an empty stomach, or whenever increased physical and mental performance is desired. They recommend stirring one serving into 450ml of water a maximum of three times per day. Newcomers should begin with half a serving to assess tolerance.
• Keto-Drive’s excellent tropical taste sets it apart from competitors.
• Keto-Drive is carb-free, fat-free, sugar-free, and
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Score: 73/100

KetoSports are known as the pioneers of ketone supplements in the United States, offering an entire product line dedicated to ketosis. This includes the very first two ketone supplements to hit the market – Keto CaNa and Keto Force.
VALUE: Compared to most ketone supplements, Ketone CaNa & Ketone Force are relatively cheap, with a $76 bottle containing 16 servings – that’s $4.80 per serving. However, the company recommends taking 3 servings per day initially, so you may run out quickly. Additionally, the product does not contain MTCs, which have to be purchased separately.
Score: 10/20
TASTE: Keto CaNa is available in two flavours: Strawberry Lemonade and Orange. While neither taste bad, our testers reported that they don’t taste as pleasant as some other ketone products. This is especially true for Keto Force.
Score: 11/20
EFFECTIVENESS: Keto Force and Keto CaNa both contain 11.7 grams of BHBs per serve, which is consistent with other products. As a result, our testers reported that both assisted with getting into a state of ketosis, and led to increased energy

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