Case Study Of Pet Paradise Resort And Day Paradise

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(Bark N Purr Boarding)
Pet Paradise Resort and Day Spa would be one of our toughest competitors, they are a chain of dog and cat boarding, day camp and grooming locations. They offer climate controlled rooms and extra amenities for the dogs that need extra attention or are just high maintenance. Dogs will even receive ice cream for that special desert. The corporate office is in Jacksonville, Florida, while there are other locations in Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Carolina and Texas. They started out in 2002 and now has over 700 employees and 26 locations. They are a trusted company that have many customers that go back for repeat business. In 2005 they built an airport prototype location in Jacksonville.
Pet Paradise offers:
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This software is designed for the spa and wellness industry and will give us the latitude to grow our business in new directions while being a platform that most of our customers should already be familiar with. Again, ease of use by the client is paramount to booking success. This software will allow our clients to book appointments online, by phone, and to view other offers and services. We will also use phone pay services and provide curbside pick up to maximize ease of use for clients. The business may also be enhanced with the utilization of a POS system. These systems now go beyond just processing transactions. Point of Sale (POS) terminals will offer the ability to integrate the system with QuickBooks to track daily financial information, while capturing customer information and purchase histories. It will also assist in inventory tracking and ordering and streamlining of billing and payroll practices, thus increasing operational efficiency of the business. The system will also be able to be used at various location events and in the future as we incorporate pet pick up, and drop off. Further, utilizing the advanced features of POS will help to save time and prevent inconsistent numbers by automatically syncing data in real time as sales occur. (Angeles, …show more content…
The Dog Day Spa will offer its customers a variety of upscale services not available at other locations and will allow for “one stop” need fulfillment. We will also extend the length of the business day beyond office hours for customer convenience. Customer convenience will be a major driver to our business. Known as convenience orientation, research shows that consumer’s preference for convenient goods and services is a factor in choosing which businesses to patronize. Further, consumers will pay more for similar services based on perception of convenience. (Weissman, 2012). This is the intention of combining services. It is also representative of the new businesses intention to be forward thinking. With future growth options based on our desire to provide convenience, such as pet pick up from corporate locations, and by utilizing boarding as a strong base of consistent need, partnered with the convenience of grooming on site, and having retail space with food and pet supplies we how to fulfill all of our clients pet related needs in one place. This will help to increase profitability, and to reduce the danger of competition from similar businesses. Social media and marketing will generate intense interest for events and the venue will be a proponent of social media tools such as Facebook, encouraging participation form guests and clients. This interaction

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