Case Study: Houdini Taxi

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Houdini Taxi...A new kind of taxi services that transport our riders comfortably and safely in a wide range of vehicles

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Today’s rapidly expanding transportation apps include Uber and other car and delivery services, but we and our business associate partners at Houdini Taxi offer a level of service and professionalism that others don‘t. Our drivers and passengers benefit from using Houdini Taxi because drivers can earn more money from more discriminating customers, and our passengers get a wider variety of vehicle choices and specialized services such as longer trips, seating for
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Unlike amateurish ride services, we only partner with professionally minded drivers who are licensed, commercially insured and safety-conscious. Our services are available in many urban areas, and we’re rapidly expanding into new territories. Our rates tend to be very competitive--or even cheaper--than our less discriminating competitors.

We always offer a safe ride with a variety of vehicle and driver choices. You can rest assured that each of our drivers passes a strict vetting process that includes criminal checks, safety checks and compliance with all essential commercial driving regulations. Your smartphone can find an increasingly wider array of drivers in the burgeoning car service field through transportation apps, but it’s nice to know that your driver has a safe driving record and full insurance in case of an atypical accident or one caused by an uninsured driver. Each of our Houdini drivers provides the following reassurances:

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You’ll also see a picture of your driver and can read his or her profile. There’s a lot of added value when you can relax and know you’re getting in the right car where the driver meets the high standards that you set for transporting your friends and family members. If the driver is especially responsive to your needs, you can request her or him on for your next trip.

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Car services often offer drivers who are unlicensed, undocumented and uninsured or underinsured. About one out overy eight drivers is uninsured according to one study. [1] These drivers--many of whom are undocumented aliens--statistically have more accidents than their licensed and insured counterparts. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we take extra efforts in vetting our drivers--for your convenience, comfort and safetry.

Our motto at Houdini is “Choice Is a Beautiful Thing.” It’s not a choice if you have to settle for an unproven driver in an uninspected vehicle without commercial insurance coverage. Many amateur drivers have discovered that their regular insurance policies don’t cover them when transporting passengers for pay. Our convenient app allows you quick

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