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HyTiva Outreach Programs
HyTiva is opposed to driving under any influence and we believe it is 100 percent preventable. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, drunk-driving fatalities have decreased 53 percent since 1982 to record lows. As part of our effort to prevent driving under the influence , we have key initiatives like the HyTiva Designate a Driver campaign safe ride home programs, teamed up with UBER in cities that are available.

HyTiva Local Safe Ride programs brings together local distributors, and retail establishments to provide free or reduced-fare cab rides to bar and restaurant patrons.
With support from the National Safe Boating Council, reminds boaters, and other water recreation enthusiasts to be responsible
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Underage use can be an issue with cannabis as laws continue to relax – but tremendous progress can be made through sound educational programs and rigorous enforcement of the law.
We can set a positive example for kids by having open and honest discussions with them about both cannabis and alcohol, explaining to them that each substance is meant for adult consumption (excluding medical marijuana for valid patients) instead of shutting down the conversation entirely and hoping that by ignoring it, children will forget about cannabis.
We’ve developed and supported community-based programs that help parents talk with their children about cannabis use; help retailers educate their employees on how to properly check I.D.s and prevent sales to minors; remind adults not to provide cannabis to minors; assist schools in building self-esteem among teens; and support law enforcement officials in enforcing the law.
HyTiva outreach programs and Education Centers can be made available for use in every local community. HyTiva values the impact education has on individual lives and the community as a whole through support to organizations. Our goal is to support programs and organizations that provide access to and successful completion of higher education

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