Case Study Of Face To Face Meeting

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Register to read the introduction… Face to face meeting is the best method of communication for this situation to provide the product details and getting the team members start working quickly on developing the strategy for entering the new market would serve as an ideal communication channel. According to chapter 11 of the Organizational Behavior material, face to face conversation in this scenario scores highest in channels richness because it transmits the most information like instant feedback, words, gestures and the experience personal touch of presence. While discussing product details questions or doubts can be answered right away, all team members are clear about the assignments and deadline.
The communication channel I would use to convey my strategy to the vice president of operations would be a face to face meeting. Face to face meeting will allow our team to discuss and present our plans and ideas to the vice president of operation. In addition, face to face meeting has the ability to establish communication with impact and to achieve influence with people because achieving influence with people is a key in promoting an agenda or

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