Essay Case Study : Motive, A Crime Show With A Unique Twist

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Case Study of Motive: Season 2, Episode 4
Kai Mizuno Motive, a crime show with a unique twist. At the beginning of every episode, the viewer is shown who the killer and victim are. The episode goes on to show detectives trying to solve the crime, while also showing scenes from the past to allow the viewer to decipher what the killer’s motive was. This unique twist of presenting crime also allows viewers to see different angles of how forensics play into solving crimes. Forensic tests performed in the show pave the way for the detectives to solve the case. Motive does a good job of portraying forensics in a similar fashion as to how forensics works in real life, with just a few inconsistencies here and there. A particular episode, titled “Deception”, does a reasonable job of showing off how important forensic evidence is to solving crime, as well as does a decent job of staying consistent to the real life practice of forensics. At the beginning of the Motive episode, “Deception”, police arrived at a parking garage in response to a 911 call. They found a man dead, stabbed several times in the stomach, and a female witness with blood on her hands. Police interviewed the witness, who claimed to see a black van zoom out of the garage just before she found the body. She also claimed she was trying to put pressure on the wound after calling 911. The M.E, Dr. Rogers, arrived soon after and identified the victim as Dr. Mathews, Dr. Rogers’s former teacher. Dr. Rogers was then…

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