Jonbenets Ramsey Case Study

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Jonbenets Ramsey is one of the most well-known victims and devastating unsolved case in American history. Jonbenets was a beautiful little girl with her whole life ahead of her, a pageant queen, who had her life taken away on Christmas. JonBenets body was found in the basement of her home in Boulder Colorado, December 26th, 1996, after her mother had not seen her in her bed that morning and found a ransom note demanding $118,000 for Jonbenets to come home safely. She had suffered a skull fracture which the medical examiner concluded that the fracture would have killed her eventually, but the strangulation with the chord is what ultimately killed her ( This case took place in Boulder Colorado they have jurisdiction over the case and their police department conducted the investigation at the time and over the years. They have looked into the case again for new evidence, going back to the crime scene, and trying to talk to family and friends about what happened that day. The Colorado police departments and district attorney’s offices suspected JonBenét 's parents first along with her older brother, Burke. However in 2003 the family was somewhat exonerated when DNA taken from JonBenets clothes showed they were not involved. JonBenets parents were not fully cleared of the crime until July 2008. In December 2003, a …show more content…
He had removed the duct tape from her face and the cord around her neck and took her upstairs, not leaving the body the way it was originally found. The evidence and the murder weapon found on her body were now also contamnated by family. Family and friends were able to move about the home as they pleased, compromising any evidence, the whole investigation was treated as if it were a kidnapping or hostage situation not as a murder scene. This is what ultimatley caused the case to go unsolved all these years, it may never be solved

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