Failure To Catch Jack The Ripper Essay

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Were the police to blame for the failure to catch Jack the Ripper? In my opinion they were not to blame for this failure. The officers at the time had a lack of forensic equipment. Useless witnesses who are unable to describe the Ripper, because they don’t know what he actually looks like. Also many pet conspiracies were against the police as they tried to catch Jack the Ripper. These reasons suggest that the lack of evidence was not the police’s fault for the failure, but after the last murder police stopped searching for the Ripper only two months from the last homicide. This gap of two months is shorter than the gap between the murders, hinting the police might of know something that the public didn’t.

In the year 1888 the police force had limited forensic equipment. DNA testing was far beyond their time, even fingerprints weren't recognized as a tool for investigating. Only during the 1920’s did forensic equipment make a stride. During Jack the Ripper’s time police were only able to give an undescriptive autopsy on the victims. Even when they could see the victims were cut and stabbed, they can’t tell which type
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The lack of forensic knowledge was to blame, because forensics today is a crucial element in putting suspects in the slam. The only way possible to put Jack in jail, was to catch the Ripper committing the crime. Another reason why I doubt the police are to blame is because of all the unrealistic theories that the police was and/or knew the Ripper. A man who has dedicated his life for the safety of his town would unlikely use his power for bad. Even though the police shut down the investigation in a time gap that doesn't coordinate with the murders, I do think it was only a coincidence. Rather than the pet conspiracy that states the police knew who the Ripper was. If they had knowledge on who the Ripper was, than they would of tried everything they had to put the man in

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