Case Study Management Society Of America Essays

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In today’s healthcare, case management ascends to an irreplaceable component in delivering quality care. The interaction of the case managers with multiple departments in a health system allows open communication, resulting in quality metrics demonstrating value in areas such as length of stay, observations, accounts receivable, and appeals or denials of patient care (Miodonski 2011). According to the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) hospital case management exists as a collaboration of assessments, plans, implementations, coordination, monitoring and evaluations of options and services for healthcare consumers.
Huntsville Hospital (HH) Case Management strives to provide efficient and appropriate health care services in the least costly manner while assisting and improving the continuum of patient care. As recent as 2008, U.S. senior citizens with three or more chronic health conditions were forced to pay more than twenty five percent of their income on healthcare (KFF 2012). As healthcare reform continues, reimbursements to the healthcare providers and physicians are being transformed. For example, with bundled payments healthcare providers will receive a set amount of money for a given health condition or surgery. If healthcare costs for that specific patient care exceeds the set bundled amount the healthcare provider loses the profit or if reversed the provider will gain the profit. Case managers play an important role in providing coordinated,…

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