Countless Medicare Quality Improvement

Countless Medicare beneficiaries suffer from serious disabilities or illnesses and receive service from numerous medical professionals in various health care locations. Since these patients are in such poor health, they often find themselves receiving treatment in a lengthy hospital stay. There is a high chance of an error occurring when patients are being transitioned back into the community because it is hard for the hospital clinician to obtain all of the medical history necessary to properly treat the patient at hand. This creates a large problem because if some of the health history is not known, re-hospitalizations may occur, which is something hospital clinicians try to avoid at all costs. Quality improvement proves to be of great importance in situations like this one, because without it hospitals would keep making the same mistake and their levels of dissatisfaction would be at an all time high. This article in particular demonstrates why we must engage in quality improvement activities by giving real life examples that are easy to understand and relate to. Medicare is a large …show more content…
This specific group wanted to reduce the number of readmissions that they saw within 30 days. The way their quality improvement officers went about this type of strategy was exceptional. The strongest part of the plan was the amount of time they dedicated to studying all underlying causes of why their patients were coming back. This is the most important step in developing a quality improvement plan because if the problem is not clearly defined, nothing will be fixed. By spending time and collecting ample data they were able to resolve the issue and create a better environment for their Medicare beneficiaries. In return, this will keep them from being readmitted to the hospital within 30 days and will end up giving them an overall better

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