Case Study : Intermountain Healthcare And Our Hospital Essay

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Intermountain Healthcare and Our Hospital Intermountain Healthcare (IH) has a strong and well developed commitment to quality improvement. Adoption of some of the components of this pursuit may benefit our system. These components must be considered in the context of our system differences and similarities. IH has:
130 outpatient facilities
24 hospitals
30,000 employees
750 employed physicians facilities in several insurance markets a large mix of payers a primary care to tertiary care integrated system an owned healthcare plan resources for system wide quality improvement processes Our System has: no ancillary facilities a single 250 bed hospital no employed physicians a facility in a single small market a payer mix dominated by Medicare fee-for-service a high dependence on cardiovascular services for revenue. limited quality improvement resources Despite the size of the system, half of the IH hospitals are less than 100 beds. The majority of employed physicians practice in large population centers. IH has been able to bring their quality improvement process to hospitals smaller than ours and engage non-employed physicians in the process. IH has the ability to consolidate services from multiple sites to improve efficiency, quality, and value. Their size and multiple locations allows some leverage with negotiating rates with private payers. Our system has limited ability to negotiate or expand into new markets. Our success will be dependent upon quality to…

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