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Being hidden to the fact that Gilman, at one point in time, had also assumed the same position being offered, Beauport mistakenly homogenized him into the same group of top management who thought people in her social category could never assume top-level positions (Human Behavior in Organizations 366). Thus, her personal experience caused her to stereotype Gilman as a prejudice individual similar to her previous manager, a typical male, corporate vice president who did not think women or individuals of color could succeed in marketing (Human Behavior in Organizations 366-7). Beauport further displayed the halo effect as she used only her perception of Gilman as a male member of top management to arrive at a pre-conceived conclusion that Gilman was trying to undermine her abilities and sideline her for another individual (Human Behavior in Organizations 372).

The three main techniques that are referenced in the textbook to combat misperceptions include the following: Awareness of Perceptual Biases, Improving Self-Awareness, and Meaningful Interactions (Human Behavior in Organizations 373-5). We believe that all three of these techniques are relevant to this particular instance. In this case, if Gilman had been more aware of Beauport’s past experience and perceptual bias toward individuals in his position, he would have likely approached the topic
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