Swot Analysis Of Rawlings

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Imagine playing football without shoulder pads, playing baseball without a glove, or playing hockey without a stick. Not only would that add extreme difficulty to the sport, but you would most likely have a lot more bruises and broken bones without these items.
Thankfully, Rawlings invented all of these products on their way to becoming one of the premier brands in the sporting goods industry
In 1887, George H. Rawlings and his brother Alfred started a retail sporting goods store in St. Louis, Missouri that sold everything from wagon covers to hunting rifles. Always looking for new opportunities, Rawlings would invent products to fill unique niches in various sports. Rawlings introduced shoulder pads to American football, and also the modern
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One way they have successfully given their brand the advantage over the competition is through aggressive sponsorship deals. For example, Rawlings is known as the official baseball, of Major League Baseball and the official uniform supplier for Major League Baseball. This makes it hard for another brand to argue that they have any advantage over Rawlings in the baseball industry, solely because of the weight the name of Major League Baseball carries. Another display of their brand advantage is the Rawlings Gold Glove Award, the award for the top defensive baseball player at each position. This award signifies the large contribution Rawlings’ gloves have made to Major League Baseball. Rawlings also has athlete endorsement deals in place with the American League Most Valuable Player, Josh Donaldson, and National League Most Valuable Player, Bryce Harper (Baseball). It is a huge advantage to have such a strong following from baseball’s top players because it not only enhances the perceived quality, but it also strengthens the connection between the brand and the consumer. Based on these examples, it is hard to dispute that Rawlings is currently the premier brand for baseball sporting

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