Flying With Altitude Case Study Marketing

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FWA Marketing Plan Camila Grays Marketing- MGMT 311 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Professor Michael Lees March 1, 2017 Marketing Plan for FWA
1. Summary
Flying with Altitude is a private business that manufactures military grade planes and flies high profile individuals in their commercial airlines. Christoph Trieb started the company in 1993. The business has grown rapidly within the last few years. Majority of its products range from flight/ airline services to aviation. FWA is also responsible for manufacturing and designing rotorcraft, defense and electronic systems, launch vehicles, and advanced systems of information systems.
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They compete in almost everything but especially the manufacturing of large and medium passenger planes and long-range planes. These two businesses have very familiar future plans and products that they offer. When it comes to government contracts and manufacturing for military equipment the biggest competitor is Northrop Grumman.

Analysis for FWA
Flying with Altitude has an outstanding global network Flying with Altitude has an outstanding and reputable worldwide presence. The clientele is found in about 141 nations. They employees are located in over 61 nations, with businesses in 27 countries. The business employees nearly 180,000 people, their main offices of operations are located in Washington D.C, California and Kansas. The business has so many different products this includes the Luxury Business class Jet and the famous family jet, with its most recent launching of the FWA 656.
A top leader with very old management style FWA has a really old school management approach. Where the higher uppers make decisions without visiting ideas from employees. This does not work for the modern workforce.
Work Related
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To come up with a very strong brand name the business must have a constant ads going around. I also think that for Flying with Altitude to be even more successful then it already is it needs to let people invest in their business allowing them to earn the rights of the business brand

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