Business Ethics Case Study: Extremenet

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Extreme Net Case study
Should Allen Lopez be allowed to keep his job with ExtremeNet? Support your answer using ethical theory.
I believe that Allen shouldn’t be allowed to continue working for the company, when Allen created his satirical website he really didn’t consider his loyalty and relationship with the company. I am sure on orientation day he had signed a media policy that gives a framework for using social media. This policy would have given advice to avoid issues that would arise by careless use of the media by being derogatory, offensive or derogatory even though it was satirical. Whoever, sees the site it can create the wrong image of the company if an employee like Allen can try to undermine ExtremeNet and continue to work for
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For one reason,this can bring unwanted negative media attention that may be harmful to their reputation and bottom line;since they are probably still looking for an investor,if they don't get one more layoffs may occur. Another reason ,since Allen has already been fired so any attempt at a lawsuit would infinge on Allen's First Amendment right of freedom of speech. I believe this relates to the utilitarianism theory(book) which in this situation is the one that produces the greatest benefits,in this case several employees not getting layoffs because the company didn't get negative policy from the media,and was able to get an investor;and Allen was able to use his first amendment right but not without consequences. How can ExtremeNet’s leadership best respect the rights of Allen Lopez and ExtremeNet? Explain the impact of your ethical decision on Allen Lopez and the company.
Allen has dedicated seven years of his life to ExtremeNet,and the company should respect his rights by letting him resign instead of firing him. Even though Allen tried to coercion and bring to light the company's upper management mistreating of employees, I think they should arrive at an amicable decision to avoid a court case that would make an impact on Allen and ExtremeNet negatively;and it wouldn't affect both their
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Demonstrate an understanding of the issues and how to unify the company best to move forward.
ExtremeNet's leadership can repair their relationship with their workers by addressing brought to the forfront by Allen,and providing an open door policy that will give their employees a way to address their concerns. It is important that upper and lower management find a solution ,and embrace these situations for the good of the company and it's employees or moral will suffer and more desent will happen.
I will go with virtual ethics with this one,much will depend on the view of the characters of upper Management's which will make the final decision of accepting the employees concerns.Do the managers have the values it takes to use the information they obtain from their employees and use it for positive changes for the good of the company, and not use it negativity against the employees if they want to preserve their ethical behavior under virtual

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