Common Health Problems In Yorkies

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Common Health Problems in Yorkies
Small dogs are also prone to certain health issues like bigger breed dogs. Although your Yorkie may be prone to these diseases, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything about it. Learn the common signs and symptoms so you could easily determine the disease and the proper treatments to give your dog.
Hypoglycemia- this refers to the fast drop of blood sugar levels which is very common with toy breeds especially Yorkies. It normally occurs from birth to 4 months of old but an adult Yorkie can also develop it.
Hypoglycemia is a condition wherein the body cannot properly regulate blood glucose and the concentration of blood sugar is too low. It can affect the motor skills and brain function of your dog. Several
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Don’t worry as toy dogs can recover faster after the surgery than larger breeds.
Retinal Dysplasia – is an irregularity in the dog’s retina. Unfortunately most cases of Retinal dysplasia in Yorkies are inherited thus; dogs with this disease should not bred.
In mild cases, you will not notice any signs and there are no indications that the disease is severe enough to impede the dog’s daily routine. A full examination including eye exam will help you determine if your dog has retinal folds. This may cause small blind areas but the dog will definitely adjust to it and function normally.
However in moderate to severe case, the dog’s vision will be affected and may lead to total blindness. Aside from being inherited, it is also presumed that Retinal Dysplasia may also developed from an infection or trauma to the eye.
Kneecap Dislocation - this occurs when the patellar or kneecap is dislocated from its position which is in the furrow of the thigh bone. It is a prevalent abnormalities in dog. The common symptoms include limping, odd skipping or odd walking or if the dog is having difficulties in bending its hind
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It is only that when it slips that they suffer from severe pain. Your vet will be able to diagnosed this condition through x-rays and ultrasound.
For minor to moderate cases, anti-inflammatory medications and strict bed-rest for a couple of months is usually prescribed but for re-occurring cases, a surgery may be required.
Collapsed Trachea - is another common problems among toy breeds wherein their trachea or windpipe narrows or collapsed. This occurs when their cartilage rings soften due to genetic weakness. In some cases, it happens when a small dog such as a Yorkie is attached to its collar and leash. Pulling back the dog too hard will cause its trachea to collapse inward. Thus, dog harness should be used instead of a dog collar.
Dogs with this condition exhibit noisy or troubled breathing, produce gagging sounds or has moderate to severe cough. For the treatment, keep your dog away from possible irritants such as cigarette smoke and air fresheners. There are also medications to be given to reduce coughing and swelling.

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