Case Study : ' Coco Cola ' Essay

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Coco-cola was first made in 1886, by pharmacist, Dr. John S. Pemberton; who wanted to create a distinctive soft drink. His bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson named the drink, and designed the trade marked script seen on aluminum cans, and glass bottles every day. Though he died in 1888, he already sold portions of his business to various businesses. That’s just the start of it, in 1899 Benjamin Thomas, Joseph Whitehead and John Luptonm, established the coco-cola bottling system. Coke has grown in the past 130 years, making hundreds of advertisements and becoming bigger than it has ever been.
ImageIn the past years, coca cola has changed their logo, a total of 9 times. Additionally, coca cola added the polar bear in 1993 to create a character that’s fun, innocent and reflects the best characteristics of a human. This is an advertisement to catch the attention of a female, because they are generally more emotional people. When a female notices an animal, she feels the need to nurture, it is similar to motherly instincts. Another example includes, the need for guidance using a mother and a father in their advertisements. A variety of companies including Betty Crocker use the need for guidance to pull customers in.
Psychology says, that every color has a significance behind it. For example, a Michigan- based advertising firm recognizes red as the most energetic color because of its liveliness. It has the ability to stir up passion, excitement, and romance. The color blue…

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