Case Study : Child Protective Services Essay

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Case Study
Up until her recent adoption by the Smith family, most of Renee Adams life took place within the foster care system. Renee’s involvement with the system began at the age of two when neighbors’ complaints about neglect prompted involvement by Child Protective Services (CPS). CPS worked with Renee’s mother for the period of one year but, after repeated failed drug tests and very little progress towards providing a safe environment for Renee, removal to foster care took place. After removal, reunification attempts went on for another year, however, Renee’s mother continued to struggle with addiction and made very little effort to see her child. No attempts were made by CPS to involve Renee’s father as she has had no contact with him since the age of nine months and he is currently incarcerated for drug trafficking. Due to both parents’ situations, the court terminated parental rights just before Renee’s third birthday.
During her time in foster care, Renee changed homes four times. The first two disruptions occurred because of the foster family’s inexperience and subsequent stress created by Renee’s lack of focus, irritability and emotional outbursts. In both cases, the families requested removal because of the strain on the other children in the home and time required to attend to Renee’s needs. The third foster family was more experienced and Renee was starting to thrive within the home but due to a need to relocate out of the state to care for an ailing…

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