Case Study : Boys And Girls Club Essay

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1. Boys and Girls club only costs 10 dollars a year to join. Making this organization a cheap and easy way to for a child to be involved in the community.
2. There are multiple buildings making Boys and Girls Club easily found and easily available. Also, more buildings equal more staff members to help with the children involved in the program.
3. Boys and Girls club is for all kids. Diversity is something that they always encourage to better broaden the experiences a member might have.
4. The organization will go around schools informing students to join the organization to better them and get them more active in the community.
2. Weaknesses
1. A stigma seems to be stuck with this club that it is only for poor kids. They are trying to recruit kids from all backgrounds though to elevate that stigma.
2. With this club only being a 10-dollar buy in, their marketing needs to be spot on. In the fact that they need to market more and in a wide variety of places.
3. With having a limited budget, the Boys and Girls Club might not always have the biggest and newest things out there. This makes the organization keep things around for a while. For example most of the buildings are older structures.
4. With having a limited budget the Club might not always be up to date technology, making their technological forces weaker.
3. Opportunities
1. The community is a philanthropic kind of community. A lot of people are always trying to seek out other helpers for the organization or there are…

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