Case Study : Adult Development Case Study Essay examples

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Adult Development Case Study
I. Introduction:

For my case study I interview my grandmother my fathers mother. She is a sixty-three years old widow with 7 children, two of which are stepchildren. My grandmother currently resides in a small town called Pinkard in Alabama. She lives with her youngest son and nephew. During my interview we discussed the three topics love, education, and parenting
II. Body: LOVE

My case study took place over the phone since my grandmother lives 4 hours away. During the interview the first question I asked my grandmother was has she ever been in love. I chose this topic because of the journal entry in class. I wanted to see her point of view versus mine. Since she is her late adulthood stage of life while I am an emerging adult. Our opinions of love were somewhat similar to my surprise. I thought that she would have a very different view than myself. Her response to falling in love at first sight was no. She felt as if you should get to know a person before you call yourself falling in love. My next question was have you ever been in love. Her response was yes she first thought she was in love at the young age of eighteen it was to her first-born child’s father. She said I thought I had a strong love connection but I was blinded by the fact he was my child’s father. He gave me this beautiful baby and I thought we were supposed to be together forever. Forever did not work out for them after three rough years they decided…

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